Masterclass in needle felting dogs

Masterclass in needle felting dogs

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Chapter 1 Basic info about wool, tools and other items needed etc Chapter 2 The Dachshund, highlighting proportions, short coats, feet and nails and large ears. Standing pose. Chapter 3 The JR Terrier, showing reverse blending, slightly open mouth, claws. Standing pose. Chapter 4 The Yorkshire terrier, showing long fur attachment, blending colours and clipping. Laying down pose. Chapter 5 The Border Collie, showing long and short fur attachment combinations, clipping, open mouth. Sitting pose. Chapter 6 The Mixed Breed, showing a coat not covered and clipping. Pose to be noted. Chapter 7 When Things Go Wrong, showing how to salvage mistakes. Chapter 8 How to make accessories. Collar/lead, tag, biscuit, List of suppliers Index
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