Intermeccanica - The Story of the Prancing Bull

Intermeccanica - The Story of the Prancing Bull

Reisner, Paula; McCredie, Andrew

Veloce Publishing Ltd






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Dedication Acknowledgement Prologue Chapter 1: From the ashes of war (Frank's early years) Chapter 2: A new beginning in the New World (Frank moves to Canada and love affair of all things cars grows) Chapter 3: An 18-year European vacation (Frank and Paula go on a vacation to Europe and end up setting up Intermeccanica in Italy) Chapter 4: PO Box 153 (The post office box number that started it all for Intermeccanica) Chapter 5: Finding the right Formula Chapter 6: IMPish charm Chapter 7: The Apollo takes flight Chapter 8: A wild ride with a man named Jack Chapter 9: Eccentric cars for eccentric minds Chapter 10: Firing on all cylinders Chapter 11: Italia and Indra keep Intermeccanica hopping Chapter 12: All eggs in one basket Chapter 13: Arrivederci Italy Chapter 14: Mecca for motorheads Chapter 15: California Dreaming Chapter 16: Court dates and moving dates Chapter 17: A homecoming of sorts Chapter 18: L'ingegnere's final build Epilogue
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