Supposedly Enlightened Person's Guide to Raising a Dog

Supposedly Enlightened Person's Guide to Raising a Dog

Young, Kac; Tenzin-Dolma, Lisa

Veloce Publishing Ltd






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Foreword by Marc Bekoff Introduction - information about Kac and Lisa, and how this book came aboutOne: How A Cat Person Became A Dog Lover and Other Miracles of Nature - how Kac came to adopt Talulah Lake, and Lisa's guidance on how to choose the right dog for youTwo: Tu-Rah-Lu-Tah-Lu-Lah: The Adoption of a Rescue - Talulah's aversion to travelling, and Lisa's guidance on how to turn this around to positive feelings. How to read body language to determine whether a dog is feeling stressed or uncomfortable.Three: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:Potty Training a New Dog - Kac's first experience of toilet training a dog, and Lisa's guidance on how to accomplish thisFour: Girl Gone Wild: Leaving a Dog Alone - Keeping Talulah and the resident cats safely apart. Separation anxiety, and Lisa's guidance on how to alleviate thisFive: Who's Walking Who? : Excessive Pulling on the Lead - Talulah's excitement about being outdoors led to her pulling hard on the leash. Lisa's guidance on loose leash walking, recall, and socializing. How to protect your dog from unwelcome attentionSix: Talulah Goes to School: When to Take Your Dog for Training - Talulah's basic training and attendance at training classes. Lisa's guidance on how to choose a training class, and how to teach basic training at home. Seven: Big Sticks, Men and Baseball Caps: Learning What Your Dog is Afraid of - Talulah's background left her with several fears. How Kac helped her through these, and Lisa's guidance on the causes of fear, the chemistry of fear, and how to teach dogs to feel safeEight: I Love Dr. Suzy: Visits to the Veterinarian - Talulah's first visit to the veterinarian, and how this was made into a positive experience for her. Lisa's guidance on how to set up vet visits so that there is minimum anxiety, and how to help dogs who are fearful during vet visits.Nine: I'm Perfect Just as I am: Choosing a Dog Groomer - Talulah's first experience of visiting a groomer. Lisa's guidance on how to choose the right groomer and how to recognize a bad one. Guidance on diet and which foods are toxic for dogsTen: First Night at Camp: Selecting a Good Kennel - Kac's search for a good boarding facility for Talulah, and how she decided on the right one. Talulah's experience of camp. Lisa's checklist for determining where a kennels is good or undesirable, and instructions on preparing for a trip awayEleven: Now this is my Kind of Shopping Spree! By Talulah: What a Dog Really Needs and Wants to Do - Talulah's first trips to the dog park, and how Kac helped her cope with her initial fear. Lisa's dog park tips and guidance on what to look for in your dog's body language and behavior to ascertain whether she's having a good or stressful timeTwelve: Talulah and the Stinky Squirrel: Dealing with Wild Animals - Talulah's experience of being zapped by a skunk, and Lisa's tips on how to get rid of noxious smellsThirteen: A Common Candy Bar Turns Into a Designer Treat: How We Adopted A Second Dog - How Kac met and fell in love with Truffle (formerly Snickers) and adopted him. Lisa gives guidance on adopting a second dog, and getting introductions with your resident dog off to the best startFourteen: The Unintentional BFF's - Settling Truffle in, setting up routines, and the instant bond between Truffle and Talulah. Lisa gives guidance on setting up positive introductions and ensuring that both dogs are comfortable, and explains about dog emotions and the use of a reward system for all harmonious interactionsFifteen: Dog Patterns and Hurt Feelings: How a Well-meaning Human Can Hurt a Dog's Feelings - Kac describes how Talulah and Truffle formed routines and how Truffle was briefly shocked after being told off. Lisa explains why routines, if not too rigid, help foster security. She describes how hard impulse control can be for dogs and the psychological impact on dogs of our emotions and reactionsSixteen: Puppy-land and Kitty-land - Kac and Marlene decide to integrate the previously separated dogs and cats after a house move, and in a house that is still partially a building site. Lisa gives guidance on low stress moving, and on introductions between dogs and cats Seventeen: Losing Charlie - Kac and Lisa both write about their relationships with Lisa's feral dog, Charlie, and the impact he had on their lives. The tragedy of so many homeless dogs overseas, and steps that can be taken to relieve some of the sufferingEighteen: The Great Relapse - Talulah and Truffle start to toilet indoors after the house move, and Lisa's guidance on how to teach them to toilet outside againNineteen: When Your Puppy Gets Sick or Injured - Talulah's encounter with a skewer, and Truffle's bad experiences with groomers that left him in great pain. Lisa's guidance on home grooming and on caring for a sick dogTwenty: When The Student is Ready, the Teachers Appear - Kac reflects on the lessons she has learned through Talulah and Truffle. Lisa follows this by reflecting on how precious these relationships are
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