Tom Hartley

Tom Hartley

The Dealmaker


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Contents: Chapter 1 - Swapping the classroom for the auction halls. Covering the early years as Tom walks out of school aged 11 to start his business buying and selling cars in the Glasgow Auction Halls, unable to read or write. Chapter 2 - Making my first million by the age of 17. The fast track years from schoolboy to businessman and how he made his first million by 17. Chapter 3 - From Hero to Zero. - The dramatic crash of his business literally overnight at the same time as risking losing his eyesight. Chapter 4 - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace. - Tells the story of Tom's totally unorthodox way of doing business and the bizarre places he bought and sold cars. Chapter 5 - The Customer is King - How Tom has strived to give his customers the ultimate experience and how celebrities have played a key role in his business. Chapter 6 - Diversify and Prosper - Tom Hartley is known for his car empire, but he also has another successful business in the Park Home industry and why it is equally important. Chapter 7 - Home is where the heart is. A 40 acre estate in the heart of the English countryside is not only the base for Tom's business but also where his home is. Literally showing business and pleasure can mix. Chapter 8 - It's a Family Affair - Family is everything to Tom Hartley and this chapter describes the key role they play in the business - with comments from his family on what makes Tom tick. Chapter 9 - My Mentor and Inspirations - Tom's only mentor was his father Tom, but the chapter also looks at people who have inspired Tom. Chapter 10 - What the Media Say about Tom Hartley - Covers the unique relationship Tom has enjoyed with the media over his life. Also four pages of headlines from various media. Chapter 11- The Winning Formula - Tom describes his winning formula and finishes with his Top Tips on how to win at business.
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