Wonderful walks from Dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK

Wonderful walks from Dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK

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Introduction - Brief account of me and my dog/dogs Chapter 1 - Walking and Motorhoming (Reason for the book) * Quest to find a campsite that fits my criteria ie, dog facilities and footpaths * How it all started with MMM Chapter 2 - Keeping Safe * Country Code * Importance of using maps * Using mobile phones * Weather watching * Controlling dogs. Chapter 3 - My ideal campsite * Different types of campsites * Different prices and price structure * My requirements. This chapter is more about information that review. Chapter 4 - Finding Walks Explaining how the walks are organized Chapter 5 - Walks in North East Chapter 6 - Walks in South East Chapter 7 - Walks in Central Chapter 8 - Walks in North West Chapter 9 - Walks in South West Chapter 10 - Walks in Wales Chapter 11 - Walks in Scotland. Appendix - Addresses of organizations such as National Trust etc. Index
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