Wonderful walks from Dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK

Wonderful walks from Dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK

Chelmicka, Anna

Veloce Publishing Ltd






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Stride out with your dog from a campsite. Follow nearby footpaths and byways to explore the surrounding countryside. This book will guide you on 46 different walks that allow you and your dog to enjoy the diversity of the British landscape, and return to the campsite invigorated and exhilarated.
Introduction - Brief account of me and my dog/dogs Chapter 1 - Walking and Motorhoming (Reason for the book) * Quest to find a campsite that fits my criteria ie, dog facilities and footpaths * How it all started with MMM Chapter 2 - Keeping Safe * Country Code * Importance of using maps * Using mobile phones * Weather watching * Controlling dogs. Chapter 3 - My ideal campsite * Different types of campsites * Different prices and price structure * My requirements. This chapter is more about information that review. Chapter 4 - Finding Walks Explaining how the walks are organized Chapter 5 - Walks in North East Chapter 6 - Walks in South East Chapter 7 - Walks in Central Chapter 8 - Walks in North West Chapter 9 - Walks in South West Chapter 10 - Walks in Wales Chapter 11 - Walks in Scotland. Appendix - Addresses of organizations such as National Trust etc. Index
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